Arsenal bottled the league.


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50 opiniones en “Arsenal bottled the league.”

  1. Liverpool really competed with them a few years back, but no one has been able to compete with them like that lately, Arsenal had an outstanding first half of the season, no one expected this from them, they're just nowhere near as talented as City, nor will they be next year, second place is as good as it gets for them

  2. I knew after that Southampton draw they was gonna bottle the league. I dont think arsenal gonna win the league next season either imo. This was the year to do it. Im gutted cause man city not gonna lose or draw anymore games. 😢

  3. Truly, as a Chelsea fan, the only thing that would've made this season more miserable is if Arsenal had won the league. I will lick my wounds knowing that at least we didn't suffer that humiliation on top of everything else. See you next year, looking forward to losing to my second team Wrexham in a friendly the way things are going…

  4. Wierd that your friend was teasing you for supporting Arsenal when he is a City fan. Which means he is one of the most morally bankrupt footballsupporters. Imagine cheering when that team scores? If you do, you're a soulless pig.