Mark Goldbridge – Ten Hags Transfer window frustration

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  1. Oh please

    If you know Hojlund you know he’s fine for a mid table club in the prem or a top tier club in denmark or portugal

    But he lacks quality in so many areas to be good enough for an elite club…

  2. Nothing wrong with Hojland signing. Its like teams cant take on a project and improve a young striker no more!. Ill use Nunez as an example too. This stems from 2 things the success and freak of nature which is Haaland and the failures of Lukaku and Timo Werner. Like there can't be an in between? Teams can create monsters if given the time.

  3. "Its almost just like people are spouting shit"

    No truer comment has ever been spoken about fan noise.

    The biggest mistake one can make in life is wasting time tuning in during the transfer window

  4. Someone saying an incoming player is “underwhelming” is just that person’s opinion, like your videos which are full of your opinions. And you call that person a prat? Your watch along videos are gold btw when United are getting destroyed by Liverpool.

  5. Anthony – former ten-Haag player
    Malacia – Dutch left back when you needed another one
    Mount – gifted on a plater from Chelsea
    Varane – probably only signed because ronaldo was there
    Casemiro – same thing and he’s about 30
    Eriksen – again gifted because he was allowed to play again
    Martinez – former ten-hag player
    Sancho – right profile of player but there’s no thinking outside the box
    The recruitment and scouting at Man U is none existent

  6. It is underwhelming …. for Man U one of the biggest clubs in the world might not be a bad signing but it’s definitely not gonna be on anyone’s top signings of the year ? If anything 50m is a huge risk when all u really need is a stop gap till u go in for Kane next year

  7. Arsenal as well as getting rid of players- upgrading players- they are upgranding their stadium all the time as well! I do consider them definate top 4 and quite possibly title contenders- along with Liverpool if they bounce back and if Arsenal are as good and better thena they were last season. If Man U can get top 4 they should be delighted with that given the circumstances they find themselves in.

  8. Hojlund is only underwhelming because every United fan had themselves convinced they were getting Harry Kane for next season. Same as Liverpool getting Macallister, when they were already buying shirts with Bellingham's name on the back.

  9. Ten Hag is basically re-signing all his former players, isn't he? There are exceptions of course (Mount). He came to Man Utd and the first thing he did was to raid his old club. Now he goes for Onana, who also played under him at Ajax. Fair play for wanting Gakpo who was a PSV player, but for the most part, he buys his old players thinking they will improve his current team. Would you not rate yourselves above Ajax as a team? you sure did last summer when Antony "was joining a bigger team". If that is the case, why would his former players improve your team? I'll tell you for free, it wasn't just purely skill-based that you came 3rd last season, a lot of other teams were shit as well including Liverpool. Unless you pull a superstar signing out f the hat, this will not end well for you 😂

  10. Your rant about lack of funds and people complaining about the Rasmus signing was perfect.
    The Cavani, Ronaldo and Zlatan signings for example were all ridiculous short term prestige signings that were not good for the club long term.
    I am actually a Liverpool supporter, and I love my clubs attitude towards developing good players and future growth.

  11. In my humble opinion as of now if transfer window continues man utd don’t have a chance of top 4, got lucky this season that Liverpool and Chelsea and Tottenham underperformed. Liverpool and Chelsea will be back next season and United won’t be able to compete. Tottenham have got signings in and they could do well as well, tbh my top 4 for next season is Liverpool, arsenal, man city, Chelsea or new castle. Brighton and Newcastle and Tottenham will go for Europa league spots. Don’t see where Man U can come in

  12. Rasmus Højlund isn’t underwhelming. Højlund to Utd is underwhelming.

    Not saying anyone said this back then, but imagine if anyone said, Antony, VDB or Sancho would be underwhelming, prior to the transfers. You’d probably say the same thing to those people.

    All I can say is, leave Højlund alone and let him excel in Atalanta.