Sensible Transfers: Manchester United

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It is no surprise that Manchester United need a new striker. Plus they could do with depth in midfield. However, they have other questions that need answering before they go in search of a new number nine. Namely, what budget do they have, and what age profile are they looking for?

Jon Mackenzie explores a few options open to the Red Devils.

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43 opiniones en “Sensible Transfers: Manchester United”

  1. I'm surprised no one's mentioned Folarin Balogun. He just turned 22 and scored 22 goals while on loan with Reims. Not only that, he profiles very closely with both Kane and Osimhen, from a study done by the Athletic:

    "1. Balogun’s maximum score for shot volume and high rating for receptions in the opposition box are indications he is a classic No 9. He can play on the last line of defense and is happy to take the majority of his team’s shots.
    2. His strong scores for xG from shot creation and xG from ball progression show that he was a dependable goalscorer last season. He takes good shots, and he’s good at getting onto the ball in dangerous areas in the box. It is reasonable to assume he can repeat that in the next one if given a good run of games.
    3. His above-average score for carry and dribble volume indicates that, like Osimhen, Balogun can run with the ball and create chances for himself through his pace and intelligence. He can be dangerous on the counter-attack and when running behind defenses.
    4. His score for ball recoveries shows us this is a striker who is a willing participant in a team-wide pressing scheme. Balogun is not an Osimhen-style presser, but when Reims looked to win the ball back high up the field, he was good at snatching possession away from the opposition centre-backs. 
    Balogun is at an age where his game is still developing but is working on his weaknesses at an impressive rate. At the start of last season, he was primarily tasked with running into space behind defenders and being a counter-attacking threat. However, as the year unfolded, he showed a willingness to drop deeper, play with his back to goal and pass the ball on for team-mates — as Kane does."

    By signing him, we take him away from a dangerous rival (Arsenal) and we get both a classic number 9 and a Kane-style striker that can drop deep to link play. And he's only estimated to cost between £30-50m, so even cheaper than Hojlund.

  2. Frenkie won't move, Kane won't be sold within England and Oshimen is too expensive, so you only have one realistic and sensible player? Kind of disapointed from this episode, given the fact how good your videos are apart from this one

  3. I don't agree with bringing in kane and not just for the age profile, he drops deep into midfield and isn't what you'd call a pacy player, a fast striker, good at pressing, young, and good at link up play is needed…onana to bring in at gk … And i think another dm player….

  4. Disagree with the idea that “Kane will decline quickly” look at benzema, Lewandowski and not to compare him physically but chiefly Ronaldo. Kane is an incredible professional I am sure he has already thought about his longevity. The idea for me that kane would be good for 2-3 more seasons is rubbish frankly. I see him playing better than most number 9’s into his mid 30’s.

    Edit: it seems a lot of the comments here while not directly linked, were made with the same level of disappointment about the video. I followed tifo because I thought you guys were smart and had a different view of football than most English media – clearly your videos have declined in quality. Think my issue with your lax analysis of Kane is emblematic of this too.

  5. Sensible and Manchester United are words that don't fit together. Plus we only have money to sign Højlund after the Mount deal. Let alone going for either Kane or Osimhen.
    We'd be lucky if a miracle happens and end up getting both Højlund and Onana. Ngl It's looking bleak

  6. Expected better from Tifo here. Just saying “ united don’t have a number 9 so anyone of these will do” is pretty poor. Older video would’ve suggested some and given reasons why they were a sensible transfer

  7. Amazing how little knowledge some of these dudes have. It's, hardly about transfer fees – it is all about salary – certainly until the amortisation structure changes with UEFA. De Gea is on 400k per week with bonus, Onana, Raya or D Costa would be on half that. Then it's about selling off salaried ''dead wood'' (Maguire, Fred, Henderson, Martial, Donny, Bailly, Telles. Then loan off wagebilll the likes of (Greenwood, Amad, Elanga, Pellestri, etc). Then promote youth on low wages – (Jurado, Alvaro, Mainoo, Kimbawala, Kovar, etc). That will free up over 150m to add to the 125m kittie. Then you sign Mount, Onana and Kane, anything less Disassi or a good international loan centre back (Upemecano, Kimpembe, Inago, etc). I could do a better job than Glazer yes man Murtough.

  8. As a united fan,i know that this season is gonna be one of the most difficult season we ever had. The sale situation has derailed everything. We have players who doesnt fit into the ideology anymore but are still there. We might be out of everything very early next year and top 4 might be difficult to achieve with the way other teams are doing smart business. The signs suggest that we dont want to compete for major honours and its a bad thing for a club like ours. At the end of the day,if Glazers choose to stay,we are in hell. I hope they dont,i hope we get good owners who will look after the club. But next season,Tenhag has some of the most difficult phases of the career. And if Glazers stay,he might be gone before winter because of the negativity around the club. If Glazers choose to stay,United would be lost in history. With city on rise,United might be a history and City might be the present and the future.

  9. I'm convinced the higher ups at United watch these videos and do the exact opposite. Either that or just do nothing at all until the last week of the window when all the sensible transfers are either at Liverpool or City.