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31.01.2019 Edited Formations Added Liga MX, J1 League and MLS Full graphic menu of PES19: SS, intro, menu display, scoreboard, replay, adboards… More than 50 Faces edited with the internal editor added to the 400 made in V1, including Hairstyles and appearances (Boots, accessories, etc) updated in All Players. Patch for Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, PS2 version, updated for 2020/2021 Season. New graphic menu New logos New updated transfers 2020/2021 (Not Full) Updated kits 2020/2021 Updated player faces, boots and more ! We recommend to make a clean installation for the Option File V3, which would be delete everything and install everything from 0, we will leave a Secarden video tutorial below! I could make or find from others built. FM from Evo-Web Thread. Included all content from V1.0 to 2.5 (check out content below, spoilers section). With all those Modules for Sider there will be and is already stuff like that out which is compatible with that Patch.

80 Kits added for the Spanish Second Division. Select Espanyol with X, press R2 to go to Liga SmartBank (spanish second division), switch Mallora with Elche, press L1 to go back to La Liga. Compatible with EvoWeb Patch boots, How to install? VirtuaRED Patch 2021 es un parche para el Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 Season Update de PC. Added Fully Licenced Team Bundesliga 2019/20 Added Ball Merlin EPL 2019/20 Added Ball Puma LaLiga 2019/20 Added Ball Uniforia Euro 2020 Added Ball Adidas Captain Tsubasa 2019 Winter Transfers Update Squads, Faces Update National Anthems Compatible Data Pack 3.01 Latest Live Update Implemented Required: All Datapacks before using this patch! NOTE:2 To use this pack correctly turn off Live Update. If you want to install it in your eFootball PES 2020 for PC, you must remove the Coaches and Sponsors folders to install it correctly. A: You can add whatever you want by yourself. Im sorry to say this, but in any case you can start learning hex editing, etc, etc, and do you own if all of other wont suit your needs. Hazte con el Chelsea FC 2022/23 Home and Away kits and personalise them with your own name or the names and numbers of legendary Chelsea players such as N’Golo Kante, or Blues heroes like Azpilicueta and Christian Pulisic.

Corrected templates for all National Teams that had faked names in the game. Stats and Names of real manga players, like last year in 3 Japanese, Spanish and Latin versions so we will have the option to play with Jun Misugi, Julian Ross or Andy Johnson. I’ve looked them all up, some teams are just not using this Armband in real life, like Atletico, it’s realistic like that. Publicidad real en los estadios. Uso del mod Hawke’s small details in Stadiums, que mejora las texturas y añade pequeños detalles en los estadios. Utilizando el pack de himnos de torneos v2 de Predator002, que contiene los himnos oficiales de 48 competiciones soportadas en el juego. Utilizando el pack de himnos nacionales v2 de Predator002, que contiene los himnos nacionales de 219 países. Utilización del mod Hawke’s dirty stains, que hace que las manchas del jugador se ensucien durante el partido. Estos himnos se reproducirán antes del partido.

Cantidad total: 81. Bengalas al principio del partido en todos los estadios brasileños y algunos de Argentina. Creación de 21/22 equipos ascendidos para las competiciones: Bundesliga, Eredivisie, LaLiga SmartBank, EFL Championship, Serie B, Ligue 2. Todos los equipos y selecciones nacionales del juego tienen licencia y el nombre original. Usando el pack de himnos de equipos de Kunpup v3, que añade himnos para todos los equipos de la Serie A, Serie B, Premier League, EFL Championship, Ligue 1, LaLiga Santander, LaLiga Smartbank, Bundesliga, Swiss Super League, Sportoto SüperLig, Primera División de Argentina, Brasileirão Série A, Campeonato AFP PlanVital, Liga BetPlay Dimayor, Eredivisie, Scottish Premiership, Eredivisie, y algunos otros equipos de todo el mundo. Servidor de kits de árbitros que utiliza la v6.5 de Hawke como base. Utilizando como base el servidor de introducciones de Ginda01, que ha sido ampliado por nosotros. Servidor de insignias de mangas que contiene insignias para todas las competiciones de Alemania, Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Escocia, España, Francia, Inglaterra, Italia, México, Perú y Rusia.

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