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Nombres de selecciones en castellano. Más información sobre los Nombres de Comentario en el segundo post. New Stories and callnames (BETA): Stories were canceled in this version but several player callnames were added. Tweaked several details on some National teams, Other Europeans, J-League & Liga MX kits (observations made by @drigOrange that were considered and appreciated). EDIT00000000 with and without Klashman’s tactics. This is just an option file with updated player stats and transfers, NOT any patch or graphics update using Kitserver. Hawke, @Cesc Fabregas and much more for the permission to use or adapt their work (we dont’ know as many names, but we are grateful). 7 @Glauber Silva @XurgenPES and all kitmakers to share their work with community. A: All faces & tattoos of this patch belong to the compilation made in EvoWeb patch & PES AZTK patch, with their proper permissions and authorizations. SAY YOU HAVE AN OLD SAVE GAME OF ML, YOU CAN TEST IT WITH A NEW IMAGE AND -NO- OPTION FILE.

YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOOSE GO AND TEST IT. A SCREWED ML SAVE FILE, EVEN WITH NO OPTION FILE LOADED, WON’T WORK ALSO IN A 100% JAPANESE IMAGE. 100% necessary Download and install the Championships/Leagues (Link apart). It is necessary NOT to have any other patches installed, since it is not guaranteed to work properly. It is not necessary to have OF V1 or V2 installed. Unpack with WinRAR Done, it’s not mandatory to put all sider content to PES 2020 game folder ? 2) You must deactivate the LIVE updates when you want to play a match, with the R3 Button, if this is not done you won’t see the faces in the match! Play ! by ruitrind. Don’t forget to run sider.exe first and then open PES 2020 via steam. Classic option file for eFootball PES 2020 PS4. Latests transfers and squads updated for EvoWeb Patch (PES 2020 PC).

And please, don’t bother him asking for new releases. New graphics: New shields, emblems, UEFA Champions League style menu design for this European version of the patch. Including real EUROPEAN CLASSICS team and AMERICAN CLASSICS team / New kits for classic teams. Leagues: England, France, Italy, Germany and Spain. New music, which includes themes from the PES series and others related to the football environment. The OF is made up of more than 600 images. 1) Inside the game you must press both boxes (Overwrite images and Edited data) when importing the .TED and .CED files (optional) corresponding to the OF V2 SAF, this is fundamental for the edited faces to appear! New Balls (Balls / Balls) of the leagues of the game and others used for this season. Updated selections and classic selections, also many classic players and soccer legends. Updated Bundesliga lineups & formations. Logos, nombre y fondos para la Bundesliga en lugar de la eredivise.

100 % poliésterPersonalizaciónNombre y número: personaliza tu camiseta con el nombre y el número de tu jugador favorito del Chelsea o incluso con tu propio nombre. Podemos imprimir el nombre en el mismo estilo que usan los jugadores.. Incluido un marcador para cuando juguéis la Bundesliga, y un marcador nuevo y exclusivo al estilo Solo Campeones. 2002. cantico para la seleccion de japon que es la musiquilla que sonaba en campeones durante los partidos. Nuevos estilo de menús, Solo Campeones 2009. Nuevos fondos para la mayoría de competiciones. Logos de ligas y competiciones en Own Style. Added teams banners. New 4 classic teams with custom players, logos & kits. Added Portugal national team Kits badges: EURO 2016 champion. All Asia/Oceania National Teams with Kits added. Nuevos kits 2d para casi todos los equipos del juego. NPO, que es optiofile del pro6, le dais a X y luego a TRIANGULO y os lo copiara en la memory card. También corregidos muchos pequeños errores que había en jugadores importantes que no se veían bien en la parte que conecta la cara con el peinado.

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