We have just witnessed the most stupid Premier League match of all time as Tottenham beat Man City 1-0.

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  1. He seems so annoyed that teams haven't done exactly what he wanted.
    Getting annoyed for spurs wanting 3 points to help get top 4 instead of sacrificing their chances on the chance city catch arsenal. What if they don't catch them and spurs miss out on UCL by 2 points after just giving 3 points away?

  2. Rory, I had a lot of time & respect for your views………..up until this ridiculous post!
    This is professional football, are you seriously thinking that teams are going to set out to lose a game like this?! Spurs really had to win today for loads of reasons and they deserved the win. The problem is that City did not play well or to their strengths.
    Do you think Graham Potter would lose a match to allow Newcastle into the C.League ahead of Spurs for example?! Of course not!

  3. Rory why are you upset with Jesus and Zinny coming to Arsenal , in that case rival fans should say because of Ashley cole and Torres you got better… in that case you should be angry with Wenger with the fact of being Architect for City’s success by selling Adebayor , Nasri , Clichy and Kolo Toure

  4. City are too one dimensional they don’t play counter attacking football only a possession game and city will struggle if they can’t get service to haaland and Rory you right pep obsession is trying different things why change a winning formula and then tinker with it to make it weaker his over thinking so many things even yesterday’s match did you see how open city was!!!!!!

  5. Calling everyone idiots, then proceeds to be an absolute idiot saying Spurs should have concede the win to City just because it helps Arsenal 🤦‍♂ Idiot and Rory Jennings are now synonyms

  6. spurs absolutely should be celebrating the points gained in one of their hardest fixtures of the season. it's not like they don't need the points, they're still actively chasing top 4 for themselves. always support your club over what benefits your rivals